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Matias Half Keyboard - HK101

Matias Half Keyboard - HK101

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The revolutionary Half Keyboard allows you to type with just one hand, using your existing skills.

Now your other hand is always free when you need it…

  • Type while talking on the phone.
  • Easier text editing – Scroll, select text, type corrections, or make deletions, without moving your hand back and forth between keyboard and mouse.
  • Hold documents in one hand and type them in with the other hand.
  • Users of Desktop Publishing, CAD, Photoshop and other graphics software can change tools and issue commands on the Half Keyboard, without taking their hand off the mouse or stylus.
  • One hand incapacitated? Type with the other! A Half Keyboard is ideal for someone with a hand injury or disability.

Half Keyboard

The ultra-compact Half Keyboard is a one-handed version of the standard desktop keyboard. It uses full-size, high-quality laptop-style keys for excellent typing comfort and speed.

The Half Keyboard's sleek, minimal design makes a great addition to your regular keyboard, or a really cool replacement that uses very little desk space.

"...I was blown away... almost no thought required
to adapt to typing on it... From the get go, my fingers
knew how to type..."  THE-GADGETEER.COM

Num Tab CloseupHow does it work?
Typing with one hand is a lot like typing with two hands...

1. Place your hand on the keyboard, in the standard position.

2. The letters under your hand are exactly the same as on a regular keyboard. You already know how to type them – no learning required!

3. For the other half of the keyboard, you need to hold down the space bar. When you hold down the space bar, the keys under your hand change to the other half of the keyboard.

4. To type a space, just tap the space bar.

5. That’s all there is to it! It’s just like regular typing, except you hold down the space bar to get the other half of the keyboard.

How fast can I type?
With practice, up to 88% as fast as your two-handed speed. The current speed record is 64 words-per-minute!

How fast can I learn it?
If you’ve never learned to type before, you can learn one-handed typing in the same time – and at the same time – as two-handed typing. If you’re already a touch-typist, you can learn one-handed typing in a matter of minutes, with little or no retraining.

Why is it so easy to learn?
The finger used to type each letter is the same finger that's used in normal touch typing – That's why you can learn it so quickly. It's uncanny, but your brain quite naturally understands that a key that you would normally type with the index finger of one hand can be typed with the index finger of the other hand.

You're using the same finger movements that you already learned for touch-typing, except now, you're only using one hand to do them. 

No drivers required
The one-handed capability is built into the keyboard hardware, so there are no drivers to install. It will work with any device that supports standard wired keyboards.


This very compact assistive technology enables people who have lost the use of one hand to touch-type quickly using their existing touch-typing skills. This USB keyboard is the left half only and allows you to touch-type with just your left hand (your left hand can produce all the letters normally typed by the right hand using the half keyboard technology). This keyboard has been chosen by occupational therapists, insurance companies, workplace insurance boards, schools, governments and businesses for over 20 years for one-handedness, hemiplegia, blindness (reading a braille screen with one hand while typing with the other hand), as well as other conditions where typing with only one left hand is required. (Note: if you only can type with your right hand, please order the Matias Half-QWERTY Keyboard instead, as it is good for left hand only, right hand only, or both hands).

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